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A dependable secretary is an invaluable gem; find one such secretary, hire them and hold on to them because they will benefit your business greatly. Since the invention of the secretarial position in the 18th century office, some duties have traditionally been associated with the position. The same remains to this day although the modern work environment has broadened the secretary’s job description.

Transcription is one the vital duties a secretary holds to this day. Their fast typing speeds ensure that they are able to key-in every word that is spoken during meetings. By doing this, the business is able to keep vital information on important oral conversations that took place during a meeting or any other business forums.

While recruiting a secretary, hire one who has some basic editing skills. In most offices, the secretaries will be given a draft of correspondence required for circulation among employees, business associates, shareholders or clients.

The secretary hire services ensure that all secretaries possess good writing skills to ensure he/she is able to take the spoken word and turn the same into clear, easy to understand written work. Writing skills are vital for any secretary since they will be required to word letters, take minutes and communicate through the written word to any of the business’s stakeholders.

The secretary hire service also upholds customer service knowledge. In most small and medium size offices, the secretary is responsible for handling outgoing and incoming calls. The secretary is also charged with the responsibility of handling company emails. This means that she will need to know how to attend to customers before, during and after service provision whether directly or through phone, Internet or fax.

All secretaries trained for the present dynamic business markets have a solid understanding of spreadsheets. This allows them to keep records of employees and clients in addition to simple accounting details that do not require the use of highly refined accounting software. The secretaries know some of the vital working details of spreadsheets which include formula and graph generation.

Our secretary hire services also avails secretaries who can handle research quite competitively. During training, secretaries are trained for a dynamic work environment that will present them with myriad probabilities. Considering that research and market intelligence is an important undertaking for most businesses, most secretaries have the skills to handle basic to moderate research successfully.

Some of the researches that secretaries can handle include telephone-administered questionnaires and email questionnaires. The secretaries can also hand printed questionnaires to members of the identified sample group who come to the office. More so, the secretary can use the mailing list to post questionnaires to the intended recipients.

The secretary is also skilled in basic human resource duties. This includes organizing employees, ensuring that their needs are met, attending to their complaints and concerns, and communicating anything that may be hindering smooth working of employees to the management.

Secretary hire candidates are trained to remind managers and other staff members of appointments well before time to ensure that they prepare for and attend the same in good time. Additionally, they schedule meetings and make calls to remind the intended participants of the meeting.

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